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Between work and free time, I spend about 15hrs a day in front of some type of screen and wanted a pair of glasses that were Rx but also blue light filtering. You can actually tell that the lenses are blocking extra blue light and my eyes don't feel as tired at the end of the day. The magnetic sunglasses attachment was an added bonus and fits really well

Very cool design for the frame and I can instantly feel a
difference when using them during long work hours or gaming
sessions. Sleep quality also improved and eye irritation is no longer frequent and occurs less often from display screens.

Greatest Gaming/Blue Light Eyewear on the market, PERIOD! & super great support and
customer service!

After a few weeks of wearing my infernos these have definitely relaxed my eye strain from work and gaming. I found i can relax and get to sleep faster now as well. Plus with the added sun clips i wear these everywhere! Highly recommend!

Love it, bought a pair of glasses back in July when a content creator (mills twitch) became partnered and was talking them up. Night and Day with my eyes not being strained and reduced amount of headaches I'd normally get. Love the gamer advantage brand and what they offer, website is good and easy to get around.

Eyecandy is a must! It tastes great, makes your vision amazing and GA treats you like family.

DUDE! I'm sleeping a full 8 hours when I sleep now if not more, my eyes legit, feel amazing! I've had the glasses for a little over a week now. Completely cut back on my headaches (spending 12-14 hours in front of my screens with no protection previously) YOUR EYES WILL THANK YOU

Super comfortable and also stylish. Looking at a screen for 12+ hrs a day had my eyes screaming for help. These things keep my eyes protected and hydrated. Definitely worth the $$$.