GA x ADV Shaker

GA x ADV Shaker

10oz Premium Stainless Steel Gaming Shaker

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Introducing our GA x ADV 10oz Shaker, a top-tier insulated bottle that guarantees a chilled drink for over 30 hours, expertly designed to aid your relaxation with the perfect Gamer Advantage Sleep Drink.

It boasts a sleek, leak-proof design to ensure flawlessly mixed beverages, serving as your ideal companion for quality sleep after exhilarating gaming sessions.

Shaker Features:

  • 10oz Shaker bottle
  • Kitchen-grade stainless steel will not absorb odors
  • Fits in all standard size cup holders
  • BPA Free, spill proof pop-top lid
  • Easy to clean
  • Sweat proof
  • Silicone base

SHAKER CAN BE USED FOR: pre-workout juices, protein powder shakes, coffee, smoothies, cocktails, iced tea, and water!


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