What is PD and How To Measure It

Pupillary distance (pd)

If your eye doctor didn’t include your PD measurement on your RX, there are a few things you can do to get your pupillary distance.First, request the PD measurement from your eye care provider. Most eye doctor offices are familiar with patients requesting the PD to order their own eyewear, though some are hesitant to provide it if they fear you won’t purchase from them. Second, visit an eye care provider (ECP or eye care professional) to have your pupillary distance measured.


Measuring your PD

As a last resort, you can measure your own PD (pupillary distance) with a millimeter ruler. The best option is to have a friend help you, but you can also look into a mirror and try on your own.

First, stand about 8 to 10 inches from a mirror and hold a ruler horizontally directly under your eyes. 

Close your left eye and line up the zero end of the ruler to the middle of your right pupil. Open your left eye and close your right. Read the measurement that lines up to the middle of your left pupil. This is your PD.