The Sustainability Collection

Frames that you'll love, with a story that you'll appreciate.

All of the accesories in your order are recyclable.

So, why did we do this?

We were tired of not touching grass enough. Jk, but really. We as a company decided that we are going to start becoming sustainable, and do things in the office as well as at home to help the earth out a little bit. We use a water filter to all use metal reusable bottles, we have special recycling bins for our warehouse, we reuse every single pallet we have, we donate some of our slightly imperfect frames to third world countries, and day by day we add another thing.

Needless to say, this collection has become a passion project of ours. We know that we're not perfect, but every tiny step is worth it to help the earth out a little more.

What makes these frames sustainable?

Good for the Earth

When you are done with these frames (Which we hope won't be for a long time) they are biodegradable. The box, the case, and the pouch are 100% recyclable. We hope to integrate this into more of our frames in the future.

Materials Sourced for Good

Our sustainable raw material solution does not compete with any food or feed sources, has no deforestation, provides a livelihood for the farmers making the castor, is grown in very poor areas of India thus providing work for the communities and has a zero waste and carbon-neutral footprint. 



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