These two powerful antioxidants can help protect your eyes from harmful short wave blue light that are emitted at high rates from digital devices. Exposure to these wavelengths of light, the primary light emitted by digital devices, damages the retina and leads to macular degeneration.

Diets strong in lutein (often thought of as the “Vision Vitamin”) and zeaxanthin have been shown to improve macular health in the eye, helping prevent age related cataract and retinal degeneration as well as blue light related macular damage.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin are the only dietary carotenoids that accumulate in the retina, forming the yellow pigments that absorb shortwave blue light. Studies suggest that maintaining high levels of these nutrients leads to better vision, especially in low light or when experiencing glare.

Because lutein is not naturally synthesized by humans, intake depends primarily on diet supplementation. This is where Eye Candy can help.

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