Prescription Guidelines

We can accommodate single-vision prescriptions with a spherical value (SPH) between -6.00 and +4.00 up to a -/+2.00 cylinder (CYL). If you have astigmatism, we need both your cylinder and axis values. 

We do not offer bifocals for ADD powers, prism, or progressives at the moment. We can, however, accommodate your ADD value as a single vision lens for near vision/computer or distance.

**NOTE: When your local optical provider, optometrist, or ophthalmologist writes your prescription, make sure to request that they include your pupillary distance (PD) on the prescription. We are unable to fill an RX without this information. Please visit our FIT GUIDE to learn how to obtain your PD measurement.


Need to send us your RX? Email it to us at Be sure to include your order number and PD measurement.