Can Blue Light Glasses Damage Your Eyes?


When it comes to eyewear, there are two different types of lenses available - high-quality or cheap material. While cheap lenses may be more popular due to their affordability and (perceived) durability, high-quality lenses can offer several benefits. With blue light glasses, this can play into the cheap vs. quality debate. Bad lenses = inadequate protection against blue light. 

So, can blue light glasses damage your eyes? In short, no, but there is a difference in the type of lenses in your eyewear.


One of the main advantages of premium lenses is their superior optical quality. Higher-quality lenses can provide sharper and clearer vision than cheap lenses, which can often cause distortions or blurriness. The superior vision from premium lenses is because they’re made from high-quality material that has a higher refractive index than cheap lenses, meaning they can bend light more efficiently. As a result, wearers of high-quality lenses may experience less eye strain and fatigue than those wearing cheap lenses, mainly when working with digital devices or in brightly lit environments—especially when you’re staring at your phone, computer, and bright city lights with an inferior blue light filter, which can strain your eyes even more than you thought. 


Another advantage of high-quality lenses is their greater scratch resistance. While cheap lenses may seem more resistant to impact damage, they are more susceptible to scratches and abrasions. This damage can lead to reduced visibility and require frequent replacement of the lenses. High-quality lenses, on the other hand, are much harder and more durable than cheap lenses and can withstand more wear and tear without becoming scratched or damaged. Cheap lenses can have anti-scratch coatings, but coatings will wear down.


Despite these benefits, some people may still prefer the cheap material due to their lower cost. However, it's essential to consider the overall value that high-quality lenses can provide in terms of optical quality, durability, and longevity. While they may require a higher upfront investment, premium lenses can ultimately offer a more satisfying and long-lasting eyewear experience–especially when made with ANSI certified polycarbonate REZME lens technology that have blue light protection built directly into the lenses (rather than just coated), providing the best protection.


Ultimately, high-quality lenses with built-in blue light technology are a superior choice for those seeking the best possible blue light eyewear experience. Whether you're looking for better vision, improved durability, or both, look for superior premium lenses that can deliver on these fronts and more, and see how they can help your wellness.

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