Father's Day Gift Guide To GA Glasses

Every Father's Day, it's the same type of gift: A grill and utensils, white New Balances, maybe some beer or a bottle of scotch, something that's silly and golf themed. While all these are fine choices, get Dad something different this year--something that will benefit his sleep, productivity, and overall health. Gotta be in peak condition to make those horrible jokes, amirite? Give the gift of the best blue light glasses out there this Father’s Day

The Walden: The Classic Dad

The Walden is a simple, rectangular-style frame with no extra bells and whistles. Its main attraction is that he can wear it all day; it's flexible, made with sustainable materials, and goes with any style. It's perfect for the Dad who likes to avoid fussing with extra things; he can wear these glasses all day, every day. From morning coffee to nighttime whiskey.

The Inferno: The Sporty Dad

Hands down, our most popular frame. It is fantastic for under your headset and the best for sports dads who are outside all day fishing, golfing, or any outdoor activity requiring precision. Our Morph-Flex® frame is the real deal for all-day sport-ing. They (like all our frames) are sweat, dirt, and fingerprint resistant so that they can handle the toughest Dad out there.

The Storm: The Studious Dad

Wanna look smart? The Storm is the frame for you. It's for the Dad that would instead read books all day and talk about stocks and bonds than go outside and mow. These glasses ooze class and may make him look slightly like Harry Potter, but that's neither here nor there. It also has the classic sun clips that attach to the top of the frame so that he can go from his reading nook to the back patio. 

The Augment: The Geeky Dad

It's the perfect accessory for your geeky Dad who wants to look cool while staring at a computer screen for hours on end. They could be coding, playing video games, or balancing their important spreadsheets. Its lightweight construction and stylish design make it an ideal choice for those who want to stay fashionable and focused. It's for all the dads that can easily quote all of the 90's cult movies.

The Horizon: The Everywhere Dad

Last but not least, we have the everywhere Dad. This Dad is the type of fella who is always out and about. He will drive 40 minutes to go to his favorite chicken place, tell you Dad jokes every opportunity he gets, and will always be looking for the next adventure. As our most flexible frame, the Horizon has been stress tested to withstand the busiest of days.

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