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I had forgotten what it felt like to fall asleep tired, stay asleep, and wake up alert in the morning. It's amazing how different your day is when you sleep like you're supposed to. Gamer Advantage glasses have changed my life, and they'll change yours too.


After wearing the Gamer Advantage glasses for about a week I started noticing that I was actually tired when I was supposed to be and actually going to sleep when I was supposed to be. I like knowing that wearing them is actually helping my eyes and brain.


Over the past few weeks I have been wearing my Gamer Advantage glasses all day, and I can honestly say I am amazed! Not only have they helped with my sleeping habits (deeper sleep), but their polarized sun clip keeps my eyes protected in the sun.


I’m absolutely loving their glasses & looking forward to wearing them when I’m gaming.


After 4 days of using these glasses I feel a difference in my restfulness. No crazy dreams or tossing and turning. I feel less eye strain when marathon gaming and perhaps most importantly ( as a gamer and streamer), the vibrance and color of my games do not suffer at all!


I’ve used these lenses for long session streams feeling little to no eye strain whatsoever.


Been using Gamer Advantage for a while now, and it’s been awesome. When I come home from work, I’m not mentally exhausted and my eyes aren’t nearly as dry. I’ve also been sleeping a lot better as well.


My biggest complaint, about anti-blue-light-glasses, has always been that nasty yellow tint. But these things are almost 100% clear. It’s kind of amazing.


Digging my new Gamer Advantage glasses even off the stream, they help me stay focused longer on computer screens at work! If you are looking for a pair of gaming glasses that are multi-faceted would 10/10 recommend




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