Study Highlights Blue Light’s Effects on Flies

From its inception, Gamer Advantage has been driven by science, and we found a study that is particularly relevant to our mission of combating blue light and improving the wellness of gamers. In the study, “Daily blue-light exposure shortens lifespan and causes brain neurodegeneration in Drosophila” it was reported that, “Exposure of adult flies to 12 h of blue light per day accelerated aging phenotypes causing damage to retinal cells, brain neurodegeneration, and impaired locomotion.” While it is unfair to make a 1:1 connection with humans, it can be said that such a study should be a warning to those who dismiss blue light glasses and the science on blue light as a whole.

In humans, we know that excessive blue light exposure is connected with eye strain, headaches/migraines, disrupted sleep cycles and more. Interestingly, this study also states that, “Blue light induces expression of stress-responsive genes in old flies but not in young, suggesting that cumulative light exposure acts as a stressor during aging.” Once again, while not fair to directly tie this to humans, one can theorize that perhaps lowering blue light exposure while young can pay dividends later on. As young people forge ahead in what is likely the prime of their physical and academic lives, being able to sleep consistently, focus comfortably on computer tasks at hand and not worry about possibly even more effects of blue light as time progresses in their lives is meaningful. And for all ages, this protection still is something worth seeking for many of the same reasons listed above.

To combat blue light, Gamer Advantage uses lenses that protect the eye at the 455nm level. Many other blue light glasses may only block blue light from fluorescent lighting, which is a different spectrum. In addition to near-clear lenses, flexible frames and a lifetime warranty, Gamer Advantage glasses are in a league of their own improving the health and wellness of gamers. Our glasses are a tool that helps maximize productivity and comfort in the present and may prevent possible further complications in the future. Wearing bike helmets and seat belts are common sense tips for engaging with their associated activities. We think the same is true for wearing blue light glasses as the science continues to emerge.



Nash, T.R., Chow, E.S., Law, A.D. et al. Daily blue-light exposure shortens lifespan and causes brain neurodegeneration in Drosophilanpj Aging Mech Dis 5, 8 (2019).