Max Drip for Spring '23

glasses on a leaf with the words 'spring drip 23'



We know that your aesthetic is who you are. A cozy gamer? A sweaty FPS player? A strategic RPG grinder? All of them have one thing in common. They have their own distinct style. These can come through with what you wear on stream, how your set up is lit, and even your color choices. But, we love variety. Why not change it up this season? With so many options from Gamer Advantage, you'll have ample choices to stay ahead of the curve and discover sick ways to accessorize your glasses this spring!

eco fashion with a henley style shirt joggers and boots




Eco-chic Fashion: Sustainability is sexy. Brace yourself for an influx of environment-friendly materials and labels in the industry. Keep an eye out for outfits crafted from recycled materials, organic cotton, and other sustainable textiles. Our Sustainable Collection, featuring Arbor, Terra, and Walden, harmonizes impeccably with this vibe. Their gentle hues spruce up any cotton-based ensemble for that cozy warm-weather-hippie flair.



sharp suits with a checkered pattern





Sharp Suits: You can’t always stay at your computer- find an excuse to dress up and go out. Tailored suits are back in vogue this season for everyone! Be it a sleek cropped blazer or stylish wide-leg pants, this gender inclusive look can be paired with our fan-favorite Inferno frames for a smart, classy look that could even melt an iceberg. And like, come on. Everyone should be wearing more suits. Dress up for dinner or something, we don’t care.



vibrant hoodie with ripped jeans and running shoes





Vibrant Hues: Spring might be synonymous with pastels but dare to break the stereotype. Opt for shades like electric turquoise, fiery red, or neon green to make a statement. This also applies to you vibrant hair people! We know that sometimes it’s hard to match with colored hair. You're in luck; we've got some stunning colors across diverse frame styles that stand out with your neon dreams. And of course, all of our styles are gender-fluid.










Comfy Oversized Styles: Not only are oversized clothes the coziest among spring trends, but they're also incredibly adaptable. Ideal for both nights out and nights in, just like all of our frames. The oversized shirt and joggers are the perfect match for the Storms round shape and cozy demeanor. I’m running out to the store, going out to dinner, and then grinding for 5 hours in this ‘fit.





a tshirt with pineapple patterned shorts and some sneakers




Funky Prints: Inject some excitement into your wardrobe with fabulous prints! We adore everything from dazzling florals to feisty animal patterns. Flaunt a tortoiseshell frame like our Bonfire variant of Augment, Horizon, or Storm to perfectly sync with this cool trend. Slap on one of our sun clips and it’s a perfect, bold outfit.







There is more to life than just crew necks and jeans. Go out, touch some grass, and really change around your style this spring. Glasses are an accessory in every sense of the word. They don’t have to be just a helpful medical device (which Gamer Advantage glasses are), but also a fashion staple. 

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