How To Apply Fog Away

Watch our step-by-step instruction video HERE 

Tip: Work over a soft surface so you don’t accidentally scratch your lenses.
Step 1: Wash your hands with soap and water to ensure there is no reside or debris on your hands that could scratch your lenses while applying.
Step 2: Clean your lenses with a lens cleaner, such as the Gamer Advantage premium lens cleaner. Apply liberally to both the front and back side of the lenses.
Step 3: Dry your lenses with a soft microfiber cloth or the Gamer Advantage pouch. that came with your frames Continue to wipe off until the streaks disappear and the lenses appear dry. 
Step 4: Now that your lenses are clean, spray Fog Away on both sides of the lens.
Step 5: Use your fingers  on each side of the lenses to rub the solution in. You want to ensure  the product is applied evenly and gets rubbed into the entire surface of each lens.
Step 6: Take your microfiber cloth and wipe off both sides of the lenses to get the excess moisture off.
Step 7: Next take your finger and lightly buff each side of the lenses.
Step 8: Any remaining streaks on the lenses can be LIGHTLY buffed out with a dry section of your microfiber cloth.