Constructed of premium materials, our patented lenses are constructed of lightweight, durable polycarbonate. They have been clinically tested to bring you the most advanced blue light glasses on the market.

Our glasses are FDA compliant, ANSI certified, and carry a Lifetime Warranty. 

99.1% said their eyes are more relaxed
98.2% said they had significant sleep improvement
65.1% had significant reduction in headaches and migraines

Our lenses come standard with:

Double-sided AR coating for reduced glare on the front and back of the lens

Hydrophobic coating to repel fingerprints and sweat

100% UV protection

Near-clear lens that does not distort color

Gamer advantage glasses INCREASE YOUR

Melatonin levels by 96%

Our near-clear lenses are clinically proven to improve sleep and increase melatonin levels by 96%, while improving cognition by 47% (using pattern comparison test), in as little as 5 days.



There are dozens of color distorting “yellow lenses” in the market place, making all sorts of claims. Sometimes the yellow is done for looks and many times it’s done because that is the old-fashioned approach to “blocking” blue light. Generally speaking, those yellow lenses aren’t blocking the correct wavelength of blue light that is emitted from digital devices to improve your sleep and overall health.

Our near-clear lenses are derived from nature. They block the correct wavelength of blue light (455nm) and enhance your visual clarity without distorting color. This allows for exceptional color perception and a better gameplay experience.

REDUCE headaches and


Gamer Advantage lenses reduce the strain on your eyes by blocking blue light emitted from digital screens and LEDs. 

Your blurry vision, tired eyes and headaches will be reduced, for improved performance.