Another Crab's Treasure REVIEW: Pinch of Fun


Okay, so we all know the Soulslike genre is kinda a big deal. Games like Elden Ring and Nioh 2 have set the bar high with tough-as-nails combat and stories that'll blow your mind. But what if you could get that same challenge, but with way more crabs? Enter Another Crab's Treasure, the oceanic Soulslike that's here to shake things up.

Combat: It's All About the Trash

Fighting in this game feels super Soulslike. You're gonna be dodging, parrying, and whacking bad guys just like in the rest. But here's the cool part - you've got a multitude of trash and shells to hide in! It's like having a shield, but way more fun. Trash is a huge part of the main story, and its cool to be able to utilize it for your own gain. You'll need to time it just right, 'cause those ocean baddies don't mess around. But hey, at least when you die (and you will), the checkpoints are pretty nice.

Everything’s so…Happy?

Who says Soulslikes have to be all dark and gloomy? Another Crab's Treasure takes you on a wild ride under the sea, with reefs, shipwrecks, and all kinds of cool places to explore. It's not as huge as Elden Ring's world, but there's still tons to find. And the best part? No annoying fast travel to memorize.

Lore and Vibe

Forget the usual Soulslike sadness - this game's all about the crabs! There's not a ton of story, but what's there's pretty cool. It’s very location based, and you'll piece together what happened to the crabs through clues and stuff. It's no Bloodborne, but it's enough to keep you curious. Plus, the game looks and sounds amazing, so just running around is a blast. The graphics are definitely one of our favorite parts of this game.

So, is it Worth it?

Another Crab's Treasure might not be the best Soulslike ever, but it's a total breath of fresh air. If you want something a little lighthearted, but still super fun and challenging, give it a shot. It's not perfect, but it's a great way to mix things up if you're bored with the same old dark fantasy. Play the game for yourself. Its price tag is way less than most new games out there, and can entertain for hours. 

Rating: 8/10


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