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In 2017, Founder, Bryan Reedy started working in the eyewear industry as the VP of Business Development at a family owned eyewear manufacturer. One category that kept coming up over and over, was blue light glasses.  After being asked several times to manufacture private label blue light glasses (frame and lens) for other brands, Bryan became intrigued in the legitimacy.  He found it far too easy to source inexpensive lenses and frames that boasted significant health improvement potential.  Everything he knew about the importance of quality, medical grade eyewear and lenses was being challenged. Up until this point blue-light glasses were a “snake oil” sales pitch to him. 

He spent a year researching the category of blue-light lenses and quickly learned not all things were created equal.  After meeting with doctors, neurologists, and other relevant professionals, and learning that there is substantial evidence that artificial light is indeed having a negative impact on our health, he started testing.  Over 100 different lenses and coatings were tested, and there was one shining star.  One lens that actually made him feel different.  He put that lens in a pair of glasses for his colleagues, friends and family.  They all agreed, this lens was different.

In early 2019, after assembling a team and a plan, Gamer Advantage was born. Prototypes were launched in March 2019 at the annual Gamers Outreach “Gamers For Giving Charity Event”.  The insanely positive response propelled Gamer Advantage to create a full line of functionable, fashionable, result producing eyewear.

Fast forward to the present and you will find yourself saying, “They grew up so fast.”!  In the last 5 years, Gamer Advantage has expanded into over 35 countries, 900+ US based retail locations, and has an expansive network of over 800 partnered content creators.  Offering over 150 different frame and lens combinations, Gamer Advantage will help you look good AND feel good. 

If you ask anyone internally at Gamer Advantage, or a member of the #GAFam, they will all tell you the same thing.  Gamer Advantage is still just getting started! 



Our mission and core focus is to create eyewear that improves the mental and physical wellness to all for a better life.


GROWTH - Growth is at the hear of our mission, driven by mutual success. We are dedicated to personal and professional development striving to improve as individuals, as a company and for the betterment of our community.

AUTHENTICITY - Authenticity is the foundation o four relationships. We embrace diversity, celebrate strengths and acknowledge weaknesses, fostering trust and empathy within our communities

MOTIVATION - Motivation to Make It. Motivation is our winning mentality rooted in integrity, work ethic, intuition, and consistency. We are passionate about helping others achieve their best, inspiring excellence, and constantly innovating.

EXPERIENCE - Experience is an epic adventure. We learn from mistakes and embrace uncomfortable situations, shaping us into the best version of ourselves. We value the holistic journey and appreciate the highs and lows of every adventure.

RESULTS - Results are the outcome of our efforts. We expect positive results that further our growth and are motivated to improve when faced with challenges. Our eyewear leads to positive results both physically and mentally, benefiting our community, and guiding our products and communication.

10-Year Target

Improve the lives of 1,000,000 Gamers.

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Gamer Advantage®  Play Hard. Sleep Hard.®  Morph-Flex®  Fog Away®   


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