The science behind our lens

Gamer Advantage lenses are scientifically designed with a soothing tint from the patented lens pigments that block out more blue light, where it matters… from digital devices and LED light sources without distorting color. These lenses are clinically proven to increase melatonin production for improved sleep, productivity, and overall health. Performance you can see and feel!

The problem associated with blue light is intensified in low light surroundings and even more so in the last few hours of the evening when our bodies need time to begin making melatonin for a good night’s rest. We engineered a lens to shield Gamers from blue light that suppresses melatonin production, reduces visual clarity, and most importantly affects our gameplay!



Gaming Advantage lens tech





An easy way to counteract the effects of a gaming session and improve performance is to counteract the intense blue light from LED and digital screens. Gamer Advantage lenses block out just the right amount of potentially harmful blue light, but that’s not all of their superpowers - they also have enhanced features for gaming, in addition to the basic blue-light-blocking abilities that you need. The patented pigments in Gamer Advantage lenses are derived from nature to reduce the intensity of blue light from LED’s while enhancing your visual clarity without distorting color.

This helps you play longer and better without getting tired eyes. Beware of “gaming glasses” that make claims without having the right tech to help you. Gamer Advantage lenses target blue light emitted from LED devices at its peak, whereas many gaming glasses only block blue light from fluorescent lighting, which is an entirely different spectrum of blue!


Gamer Advantage Cases

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