The Best Romantic Video Games (Based Purely On Opinion)

Valentine's Day as we know, it the ultimate hallmark holiday around love. You may have an IRL LOYL, but sometimes, the thrill of the in-game romance options is too good to pass up. Find your in-game Valentine with our fave romanceable character games. 


1. Mass Effect

BioWare's Mass Effect is the space opera that lets you navigate the stars and the complexities of love. Entangle your heart in cosmic courtships that defy the vacuum of space, creating ripples in the narrative that echo across the galaxy—and the trilogy.

The Fable Series

 2. Fable Series

The whole Fable series has it’s own fantastical quests, but one of our favorites is the romance option. Especially when you can be a fool about it. Once property is involved, all bets are off. 

the witcher 3

3. The Witcher 3

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you're the silver-haired heartthrob Geralt, monster slayer and lady's man. Navigate a web of complex affections and see how your love life tangles with the narrative, making for a story as rich as the world around you.


stardew wedding

4. Stardew Valley 

Escape to Stardew Valley to sow seeds of love along with your crops. Here, courtship is as much a part of life as tilling the soil, proving that the heart is the most fertile ground of all.


harvest moon bachelors

5. Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons

Before the digital farmstead trend took root, Harvest Moon planted the first seeds. Court, wed, and live the rural dream, proving that love can bloom even in the simple soil of a humble homestead.


final fantasy

6. Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X whisk us away to worlds where love is as epic as any quest. These tales of heartache and affection are etched in the annals of gaming history, reminding us that sometimes the most memorable loot is a stolen kiss.

BG3 Astarion

7. Baldur's Gate Series

Chart a course through Baldur's Gate where love lurks in the shadows of dungeons. Navigate the treacherous waters of affection while battling beasts, proving that sometimes the greatest adventure is the one of the heart. We could have chosen a way more steamy picture from BG3, but we wanted to keep this PG.

Life is strange

 8. Life is Strange

Life is Strange bends time to tell a tale where choice shapes reality and romance. The bonds you forge can be as impactful as the decisions you make, weaving love into the fabric of fate.


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